At BioBiz, we are keen to capitalize on India’s rich biodiversity and the availability of large amounts of biomass residues to develop a sustainable bio-economy and attractive business opportunities for diverse stakeholders – farmers, rural stakeholders, end-use industries, entrepreneurs / startups, and financial investors.

As part of a leading climate tech consulting firm, we will provide critical assistance with market intelligence, data-driven analyses, professional networking, and opportunities for relevant stakeholders to get effective visibility. 

Main Sections

India updates

Environmental Solutions

Understand how different types of biomass can be utilized to provide environmental remediation & protection, and how they provide solutions to India’s growing challenges in land, air, and water pollution.


Find out how biomass and bio-based feedstocks can provide India with biofuels for transportation, and sustainable heating and power generation.


Intelligence on value-added biomass products, bio-based materials, and innovative biomass-derived business opportunities – across multiple industries and different product categories.

Bio-based Science & Technology Pathways

What are the key scientific domains and technology pathways that are driving the current biomass-based business opportunities? How are these likely to contribute to emerging opportunities? Find out from this section.