Bio-based Science & Technology Pathways

As science, technology, and sustainability intersect, the world of bio-based business emerges as a field of innovation and promise. This sector utilizes cutting-edge processes and scientific pathways to transform raw materials into a diverse array of high-value products. From harnessing the power of photosynthesis in algae for biofuels to employing enzymatic processes in microorganisms for biochemicals, the bio-based business is a testament to the harmony between nature and technology. Through this fusion, we provide eco-friendly alternatives, as well as paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future, where bio-based solutions take the lead in shaping a greener, more sustainable environment.

Technology Pathways for prominent bioproducts and solutions




Corn, Sugarcane

Fermentation, Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Bioethanol, Biogas, Organic Acids

Plants oils

Enzymatic Polymerization

Biopolymers, Bioplastics

Ores (Copper, Gold etc)


Recovery of metals

Organic Waste (Food waste)

Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas (Methane), Digestate (Organic Fertilizers)


Activated Sludge Treatment

Clean water, Sludge for Biogas production

Air (e.g., VOCs)


Removal of air pollutants, Improved air quality

Mixed waste (e.g., Municipal Wastes)

Mechanical Sorting

Separation of Recyclables, Reduction of Contaminants

Crop Residues


Biomass for Bioenergy, Bio-based Materials  

Wood Biomass


Pulp for Paper and Bio-based Materials

Oilseeds (Sunflower, Mustard etc.)

Oil Pressing

Vegetable Oils for cooking, Biodiesel production

Biomass-derived Syngas

Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Liquid Biofuels, Synthetic Fuels

Algae, Wet Biomass

Hydrothermal Liquefaction

Bio-oil, Biogas, solid residue

Wood, Crop residues

Pyrolysis, Torrefaction

Biochar, Bio-oil, Syngas for Energy production, Torrefied Biomass

Water Bodies, Contaminated Sites

Wetlands, Rhizofilteration, Phytoextraction, Algal Bioremediation

Water Treatment, Pollutant removals

Water, Nutrient Solutions

Hydroponic Solutions

Crop Cultivation, Wastewater Treatment

Contaminated Soils


Contaminant Immobilization, Soil Erosion Control

Soils, Coastal Areas   

Enhanced Weathering

Carbonate Minerals, Improved Soil Fertility