Biomass Business Strategy

Devise an Optimal Strategy to Benefit from Indian Biomass-based Business Opportunities

A Top Management Market & Strategy Consulting Offering from BioBiz

What is the value proposition?

BioBiz, a division of EAI, offers a focused consulting offering for the top management of Indian companies keen on tapping into opportunities offered by the fast growing Indian biomass-based products, solutions and services sectors.

The Research & Consulting Team at BioBiz comprises professionals from reputed institutions such as the IITs and IIMs, and who have considerable acquaintance with the Indian biomass sector.

Who can benefit from BioBiz?

If your company is keen on having a business diversification/entry into the Indian biomass-based products market, BioBiz’s strategic assistance will be critical for your company in designing a powerful roadmap.

Our consulting services are a rich combination of insights and actionables, and are directed towards companies’ top management.

Our team’s expert assistance will be of specific value to medium and large businesses in agriculture, food & dairy, vegetable oils, plastics/rubber, chemicals & petrochemicals, paper/pulp and packaging sectors.

Building a Biomass Product Roadmap for Your Company

India is a country with a rich biodiversity – from the tiny microalgae all the way to massive banyan trees. Over 100 different crops are grown in the food and cash crop categories alone, with countless varieties of biomass being used for other diverse purposes – fuel, cosmetics, fragrances, health & wellness, religion and more.

All the above imply a significant potential for businesses keen on building biomass based value added product businesses.

The list of product possibilities within biomass is quite exciting.

While some of the product categories such as biofuels have been in the limelight for a while, many others –bioplastics, bio-based chemicals, bio-based waste water treatment, and the high-potential nutraceuticals market – are showing excellent growth without actually showing up on the radar!

With the Indian consumer becoming more aware and more eco-conscious, and with consumers in developed countries’ export markets even more so, and with many central and state governments increasingly concerned about environmental degradation, a range of bio-based products and solutions are set to become attractive business opportunities.

At the same time, there are challenges – in the form of lack of awareness, high costs for some products, and technology uncertainties for some others.

Given this combination of high future potential and diverse challenges, industries and businesses keen on investing in the Indian biomass products segment have the following questions: What should a business like ours with a keen interest in this segment do? How should we strategize their entry into this dynamic segment?

This is precisely where EAI’s division BioBiz, with its excellent understanding of the entire biomass market and its contours, can be of immense help to your company – to help you chart out an effective strategic biomass business roadmap for your company.

Given the nature of the sector, an effective strategy will differ significantly from one company to another. An effective strategy should not only build upon your tangible strengths and assets (physical plant and machinery, distribution, customer base…), but also intangible assets (your company’s vision, your company’s core competence areas within your operational value chain…).

Such a plan should also take into account the trends in the entire ecosystem of biomass in specific and sustainability in general – for instance, the growth of other forms of “clean energy” such as natural gas, competition from traditional bio-based products such as paper, and the effect of crude oil prices on the prospects of products such as renewable chemicals.

EAI’s BioBiz team can assist you in assimilating all of the above to provide your top management with a strategy that is optimized for your firm’s strengths, visions and aspirations.

What are the specific categories of assistance from BioBiz’s strategic consulting for the Indian corporate sector?

Biomass presents a wide variety of business opportunities, with some of the key value-added segments being the following:

For any of the above sectors, BioBiz’s strategic consulting services can benefit your company through one or more of the following avenues.

Strategic Assistance Avenue Details

JVs & Partnerships

Assistance in identifying business or technology partners for joint venture, technology licensing and more. This can be for any part of the biomass value chain.This offering will be specifically valuable for international companies.


Identifying Opportunities around Key Innovations

Focused research assistance that enables your company to identify attractive and innovative opportunities, as well as identifying and analyzing companies that are attractive for investments or acquisitions.


Strategic Analysis of Sector

Analysis of the overall biomass sector – or sub-sectors such as biofuels, bioplastics, biomass heating, biomass power – on key dimensions to provide the BIG picture for the top management

Market Potential Analysis

Detailed analysis of a specific vertical within biomass on market dimensions such as Supply-demand, Market Potential, Competitors, Industry Characteristics and more…

Value Chain/Supply Chain Analysis

A comprehensive supply chain analysis for a specific biomass vertical to identify opportunities, as well as growth constraints.


Identifying Talent

With our extensive network and connections in the Indian biomass and related sustainability  sectors, we can assist in identifying top management or top technical talent (CEO, CTO, COO…) for recruitment in specialized domains within biomass


Due Diligence

For companies looking at investing in / acquiring specific assets of companies in the biomass, we can provide due diligence on product/market or business. This will be done using our knowledge of the biomass business and where necessary, with assistance from our wide network of industry technical partners

Why is BioBiz Strategic Assistance Unique?

We provide value that is a combination of strategy and action.

We bring forth a combination of insights, actionable recommendations and go-to-market assistance, made possible because of our firm’s marketing orientation and our wide network of contacts in the Indian bio-energy, sustainable materials, eco-chemicals and cleantech industries.

Expertise in Not Just Biomass, but the Extended Clean Energy Ecosystem

Our team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments outside of biomass but within clean energy –specifically solar, wind, distributed energy, electric mobility.

Value for Money

We cost a fraction of what the top tier management consulting charge you for similar value!


Sectors in Biomass for which we can provide consulting assistance


Biomass Product Possibilities Biomass Value-added Segments


  • Bio Environment
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Carbon Capture
    • Biochar
  • Bio Energy
    • Biofuel
    • Biopower
    • Bioheat
  • Bio Materials
    • Bioplastics & Biopolymers
    • Other Biobased Packaging
    • Sustainable Fashion
    • Other Biobased Materials
  • Bio Health
    • Nutraceuticals & Food
    • Cosmetics, Flavours & Fragrances
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio Chemicals
    • Renewable Chemicals
  • Biomass-based power generation
    • Gasification-based power
    • Combustion-based power
  • Biomass-based heating
    • Biomass pellets & briquettes
    • Biomass boilers, including CHP boilers
  • Biomass-based sustainable products
    • Bioplastics
    • Bio-based foodware
    • Other emerging bio-based and sustainable packaging materials
  • Biofuels
    • Ethanol
    • Biodiesel
    • Biogas
  • Other bio-based value added products & solutions
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Renewable/Sustainable chemicals (including natural cosmetics)
    • Emerging bio-based food ingredients such as food colourants
    • Emerging bio-based replacements for synthetics used in pharmaceuticals
    • Bio-based remediation for land and water pollution

EAI’s Consulting Assistance across Cleantech Domain

EAI provides focused and effective top management assistance for the following cleantech domains:

EAI Consulting Clients in Clean Energy & Cleantech

EAI has had the fortune to assist some of the world’s top companies in their cleantech efforts. Some of the prominent companies and organizations we have assisted in cleantech consulting include