Hamburg-based traceless secures €36.6 million to build first industry plant for bio-circular alternative to plastic.

  • Traceless, which extracts natural biopolymers from agricultural industry residues to replace conventional polymers – gets €36.6 million in seed funding round.
  • The business creates materials in the form of granules. This may be processed further using standard equipment used in the packaging and plastics industries.
  • The patent-pending technology is based on natural polymers, contains no potentially harmful chemicals, and has a minimal ecological footprint: compared to plastic.

The market is experiencing an increase in demand (CAGR 10.4%) for products based on biopolymers, and now is the ideal moment to capitalize on this trend.

Other Biopolymer based businesses:

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According to studies, the material used is protein-based biomass, like leftovers from processing agricultural grains, such as side streams from starch manufacturing or brewing, and the company uses chemical-free internal plasticization to ensure its mechanical strength. Know more about the plasticization process here.

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