Biosyntia raises $11.6m to launch world’s first bio-based vitamin B7

  • Biosyntia uses “precision fermentation” technology to concentrate the active materials from the plants – this process involves the use of engineered microbes to convert sugar into Biotin. Click here to know more about precision fermentation.
  • This fermentation process enables the production of hard-to-access natural products, can easily be scaled. They are economical and sustainable. Biosyntia uses both genetically modified bacteria and yeast, providing beet sugar as a feedstock.
  • Bio-based biotin (vitamin B7) is the first product to be commercialized; it is used in food, cosmetic, and dietary supplement goods – and it marks the venture of world’s first Bio-based vitamin B7, as sources suggest.

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In India, beet thrives in dry and semi-arid areas and offers a surplus of feedstock because to its 4-month maturity time, which is shorter than sugarcane’s 15-month maturation period. Given the abundance of feedstock and the growing need for bio-based goods in India, starting a firm in this industry is both doable and profitable!

Other companies producing bio-based vitamins:

Other companies using precision fermentation processes:

  • Remilk – Milk from microbial fermentation.
  • String Bio – Animal feed from methane gas fermentation.
  • Geltor – collagen and gelatin from fermentation.

The worldwide precision fermentation market is expected to reach a valuation of around USD 67.9 billion by 2032, rising at a growth rate (CAGR) of 46% over the period of 2023 to 2032, according to a research by Precedence Research. 

There’s a great opportunity to capitalize on this enormous market.

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